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Montag, 17. März 2014, 22:41

Top Gear testet den Alfa 4C mit dem Porsche Cayman S und Lotus Exige S

Quelle and more on Top Gear

Alfa Romeo 4C takes on the rivals
Hammond fell in love with it, but can Alfa's new coupe see off a Lotus Exige S and Porsche Cayman S?

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Buy a Cayman. Historically, tests like this could be condensed into those three words, and we could all go to the pub. Because, for the past few years, the Porsche has had this game licked. Want a two-seater with the engine in the middle for about 50 grand? You know where to go. But then along comes the Alfa Romeo 4C, and suddenly you can have a mid-engined Italian coupe with a supermodel’s bottom for the same money. And then there’s the Lotus Exige. Traditionally, it’s a logical leap too far from the Porsche: too hardcore, no elbow room and a pain to parallel-park. But now that the little Alfa is here, with its exotic carbon-fibre chassis and unassisted steering, the gap is bridged. Want a two-seater with an engine in the middle for about 50 grand? The game just changed.

Words: Dan Read
Pictures: Jamie Lipman
Quelle: Top Gear
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